Welcome to the Singapore Sign Language Sign Bank

Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) is the native sign language recognised and used by the Deaf community in Singapore. This signbank displays a collection of signs gathered from Deaf individuals in Singapore.

It is important to note that the signbank is not an official dictionary, and does not claim to represent one. The sign bank does not determine 'correct' or 'wrong' signs; instead, it reflects the signs already in use by the community.

The SgSL Sign Bank aims to:

  • Present signs used by the Deaf community in Singapore
  • Document the use of SgSL for research purposes
  • Support SgSL-related activities
  • Promote SgSL to the public

As this is an on-going project, this signbank will continue to grow as we collect more data and information about SgSL from the Deaf community, and ensure that the signs reflect the real-life usage by members of the community.

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1 Nov 2021
New Signs Added

New signs have been added to the SgSL Signbank. The English equivalents for the new signs added are as follows: NOT YET, NOTHING, NOW, PARENT, PAST, READ, REMEMBER, RIVER, SALT, SAME, SEA, SEE, SHY, SIGN, SIT, SKY, SMILE, SOME, SOUR, and TEXT (v).

1 Oct 2021

New Signs Added

1 Sep 2021

New Signs Added

1 Aug 2021

New Signs Added